Human Emergence Group

Conflict Style Consulting

Invest in strengthening your leaders and employees with powerful training.

Improved Teaming. Better bottom line results.

Enabling employees to work through their conflicts and team together more effectively is critical to the success of an organization.  If left untended to, conflict can derail collaboration and stunt bottom line growth.

Human Emergence Group’s Conflict Style training enables employees to improve their collaboration and teaming skills by learning how to work with each other and deal with conflict in ways that maximize organizational results.  This learning also leads to more satisfied customers and can contribute to the bottom line.

HEG’s approach to using conflict is founded upon the latest human emergence research.  Our research backed methodology is based on five core conflict styles.  We educate your employees on each of these styles and work with them to identify their personal conflict styles.  We train your employees to use a more effective approach to individual, team, and organizational conflict.

We help individuals and teams understand how these styles impact their relationships, and how to use that understanding to improve work relationships and interactions.  Through higher awareness and consciousness our approach offers the maximum impact on your bottom line and the best results for each individual within your organization.