Wright Foundation | November 6, 2013

Celebrating Same Sex
Marriage Equality in Illinois!

I get a kick out of people who are against gay marriage. You’ve got to ask yourself: why? Why is same sex marriage so threatening?

Wouldn’t you rather have people be able to dedicate to a life partner? Wouldn’t you rather they all have health insurance and have the rights that everyone else has?

Are you that threatened?  Do you have that little awareness of your own homophobia…of your own attraction to the same sex?

The only reason people are so darn afraid of gays is because of their kids and they don’t know they’re projecting onto their kids. They want to have a nice, safe social identity. I got no problem with that, but give me a break. We’re afraid of the parts of ourselves that might step out of the railroad tracks of life, that might allow ourselves to feel attracted to someone of the same sex.

Well, some people are just plain out attracted to people of the same sex. And I’m thrilled they have the right to live the same satisfaction, fulfillment and societal validation that we do.

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Blog post image courtesy: Flickr user Ted Eytan – licensed under CC 2.0.

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