Career Empowerment Lab

Realizing your full potential for meaning, success, and fulfillment in your work and career has never been easier. Hop on for a meteoric rise in your field.

Ask yourself :

Are you feeling stuck in your career and looking to improve your personal and financial situation?

Are you involved in a job search or career transition and wanting more support, accountability, and guidance?

Are you interested in developing skills and improving effectiveness in your current role?

Whether you are looking to develop your career, start a new business, or transition into a new career or industry, Wright’s Career Empowerment Lab will help you build the skills you need to be your best, develop the vision and confidence you want, and reap the personal and professional rewards you desire.

Ready to get ahead in your career? The time is now.

About The Instructor :

The lab is facilitated by Dr. Gordon Medlock, a skilled career coach and group facilitator with over 25 years of experience supporting the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations across a wide variety of professions and industries.

Read more about Gordon here.

Details :

The program includes bi-weekly meetings and weekly check-ins during off-weeks to ensure continuity, support, and accountability.
Just-in-time coaching sessions can also be arranged to address critical career challenges and opportunities.

It's time to maximize your career potential. 


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