Social and Emotional Intelligence Training

CARE Profile

Invest in strengthening your leaders and employees with powerful training.

The CARE Personality Profile helps you and your leaders, managers, and employees enhance your social intelligence to build effective teams and to experience more successful relationships.

Understanding the four personality styles of the CARE Profile – Cooperator, Analyzer, Regulator, and Energizer – helps you to become more aware of how you relate to one another in various work and life contexts.  This training provides you with an assessment of your default style and provides you with strategies for how to most effectively relate to others in such contexts as teams, customer service, management of employees, and relationships with friends and intimate partners.

We utilize an easy-to-use tool that increases social intelligence by exploring challenging relationship situations and discovering how personality styles drive both conflict and resolution.  Research demonstrates the significant impact of improved social intelligence in enhancing job satisfaction, levels of engagement, and business results.