Job Openings

Business Development, Exec. Asst. to Managing Director

The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Foundation dedicated to the following mission: Our purpose is to live radiant and authentic lives, and to support others to unleash their potential by consciously engaging in their own transformation and leadership, for the advancement of humanity and conscious, sustainable living on the planet.

The Wright Foundation includes a cutting-edge graduate university, non-credit programs serving several hundred adult learners, executive coaching, and the Human Emergence Group, a consulting practice that brings the best of human emergence technology and social science research to business.

This position will include working with the Managing Director of the Human Emergence Group, sales and marketing activity, and supporting administrative projects and functions for the Wright Foundation as a whole.

This position will be filled by someone who thrives while working on high-value, high-reward projects; is a quick, creative thinker who excels at getting things done and engaging with others intellectually and emotionally; is a people person looking to develop the skills to bring in new, emergent consulting business; and is ready to apply their talents to a unique and deeply engaging position.

You will receive personal attention and one-on-one training in sales and in developing and delivering consulting projects. You will assist the Managing Director in all duties related to the consulting division, including: writing proposals, making sales dials, developing projects, calendar management, and leveraging current client networks.

As administrative support for the Foundation, you will be involved in curriculum creation, content editing, event production and support, office management tasks, researching, and more. You must be able to jump from project to project quickly and efficiently, and contribute meaningfully to a wide range of needs.

What you’ll do:
– Communicate with top-tier business executives
– Provide support in proofing and writing proposals
– Begin conversations with potential clients and provide an opening for the Managing Director to close high-level business deals
– Use a CRM to track dials and activity
– Hunt for potential new business in LinkedIn
– Schedule networking and business meetings for the Managing Director
– Leverage the current network into introductions and new deals
– Coordinate high-level meetings and correspond with potential new clients to provide materials and schedule introductory meetings
– Respond to emails on the Managing Director’s behalf
– Schedule and coordinate logistics and travel for executive engagements
– File digital and physical files
– Support office manager and event managers in administrative tasks
– Provide administrative support during event production
– Content and curriculum editing
– Other duties as necessary

What’s required:
A bachelor’s degree
A results-oriented mentality
A solid interest in personal and professional development
Desire to work in a dynamic environment surrounded by fun, motivated people
A Growth-oriented and coachable mindset
Dedication, dependability, and flexibility to take on new challenges
Initiative to identify gaps and propose projects and directions for work
Experience in a fast-paced environment and in staying organized and composed while juggling multiple demands
Driving personality with excellent systems for tracking projects and deliverables, alerting team and managers to roadblocks and needed resources, and communicating status of projects
Excellent communication skills: solid grammar, ability to write concisely, excellent phone skills
Ability to think strategically and problem solve
Internet and LinkedIn savvy
Proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (knowledge of InDesign as well is a plus)
A passion for life and learning!

What you’ll get:
Personalized 1:1 training
Staff pass to our trainings and signature year-long program
A dynamic team of smart, fun, and supportive people
The opportunity to create a better more meaningful and fulfilling lives for thousands of people! Seriously.

How to Apply:
In an effort to set up prospective employees to succeed in our fast-paced environment, we ask that you complete three tests: one aptitude test (language, math, and logic), one personality test, and a very brief typing test. The system also asks that you upload a resume.

You will need a quiet computer workstation with Internet access, a pen, and some scratch paper. Some assessments are timed, so make sure you have arranged to be distraction-free. You will need approximately 45 minutes to complete the tests, which must be done in one sitting.

When you are ready, please visit
You’ll be given instructions to create your profile and begin the testing.

Applications submitted by email will not be processed. We require all the materials included in the assessment system described here and will be happy to discuss your qualifications further once you have completed this phase.