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Our breathing impacts our health, and can help us to heal our physical and emotional issues.

Since the 1970’s, various forms of breathwork (i.e. conscious breathing) have been used to create self-awareness, reduce stress and tension, as a means of personal and spiritual development, and to promote overall states of well-being.

In these sessions, you will be lying on the floor with pillows and will be taken on a guided visualization to access yourself on a deeper level. The facilitator may use a hands-on method to find the places in your body that are holding onto emotions and will put pressure on those places to facilitate the release.

Conscious breathing helps us to release emotions that are entrenched and stuck in the body, resulting in a sort of “pipe cleaning”. Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and others discovered that when people were taught to breathe properly, they can spontaneously and naturally heal from emotional issues and traumas. Our posture and body-types, according to the field of bioenergenics, mimic our emotional development, and physical patterns get entrenched over time. By returning to a grounded, and natural way of breathing, we can teach our bodies to release old patterns and become more connected and in tune with our emotions.

“The results of my first breathwork class were AMAZING. I came in with not a lot of expectations. After all, breathing is something that I do all the time. The next day, it felt like every pore of my body was breathing. And in the days that followed, my body wanted to stretch more. With every stretch, it seemed like I was growing another inch. It’s been almost two weeks since the breathwork class. And my body is moving much more easily and efficiently. It feels like all of my joints and muscles have been oiled. AWESOME! “


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For more information, or to learn more about breathwork at the Wright Foundation, call Beryl Stromsta at 312.645.8300 or email beryl@wrightliving.com.

"In brief, it was extremely impactful for me... I have a sense that I have found me again."

Pete L.


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