More Life Training
Level II: Leadership Assisting

Have you attended the More Life Training in the past and want to deepen your skills?

We offer a special opportunity for graduates of the More Life Training to continue discovering what matters most to them. Sign up now to be a part of More Life Training Level II: Leadership Assisting.

As part of this program, you will join the team who produces the event. During the training, you’ll move between a wide variety of tasks and teams depending on what’s needed in the moment. This helps develop flexibility and teaming–great life and leadership skills.

I want more leadership training!

We believe leadership is “the aspect of every individual to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others.” Our leadership approach is driven by taking responsibility. We work to see the gap between our reality and our desired results, and to narrow that gap. Use the More Life Training as an opportunity to grow into a new level of leadership for yourself!

As a member of the More Life Training production team you will:

You can participate for the entire training or pick a portion of the weekend that fits your schedule. You’ll be part of a dynamic, fluid team, working together to practice social and emotional intelligence skills while revisiting the curriculum from the training.