Dr. Bob Wright | March 5, 2014

Be an Agent of
Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership was brewing during our transformational leadership weekend workshop.


I really shut myself down Saturday.

I felt nervous about someone’s response and as a result, did what others thought was a good job, but not in my eyes. We were disappointed in the students’ reactions Sunday. That was no surprise since I had already felt I sucked despite their comments to the contrary. It was a hard pill to swallow, especially because so many of them consider me having transformational leadership qualities.

transformational leadership

Let go, and played full out Sunday and think the job got done well. Our Wright Graduate University students seemed on fire about the transformational leadership movement. Each student was burning with their own vision statement to bring out the best and all felt the pressure of the socio-economic forces working against bringing out the best starting with families, going to schools, and then to health care. When I was a kid, the US was tops in all–now we are only tops in things like military might and billionaires.

transformational leadership

It is very disconcerting to know the world has turned out this way, especially because it could have all been prevented. By promoting and encouraging transformational leadership, we give the power to the individuals to be change agents and do something about this mess!

Looks like we have a lot of work to do empowering others and that is the Alive Tribe’s job–be agents of transformation, one day and one interaction at a time. To gradually change the world in a positive manner, to maximize human potential. At Wright Graduate University, we promote transformational leadership because we believe it is the crux to expanding our boundaries and achieving goals we never thought possible.

Played big time yesterday! How did you Do?

This video isn’t what we mean by transformation but it sure is eye opening and we wish him the best–let’s get him in Transform!


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