Wright Foundation | August 16, 2017

The Cost of Winning at All Costs: A Lesson from Charlottesville

Once again, President Trump has reversed himself – blaming both sides for the tragedy in Charlottesville.

Dr. Bob Wright responds to the situations in Charlottesville, VA with a wise lesson: What is the true cost of trying to win at any - and all - costs?

This absolute lack of a moral compass – that also leads to intimidation of anyone who “leaks” information in the White House or elsewhere – is once again a sign of Donald Trump’s allegiance to winning at all costs.

He has zero interest in the truth. Attacking, defaming, and redirecting attention are his primary tools of battle. And let’s not be confused – it is all a battle.

The cost to us is huge. Currently, he plans to eradicate public radio, subsidies for the arts, and anything that thinking, sensitive human beings would be interested in. Even higher education is now being attacked.

Let’s really take a few lessons from world history. Cambodia – wipe out the intellectuals. Vietnam- wipe out the intellectuals. We are seeing an anti-intellectual thrust in our country where vehemence of argument is a replacement for rational inquiry.

The chameleon nature of President Trump is truly dangerous to our country. His capacity to play to various disaffected audiences is terrifying. To be sure, our country has not paid enough attention to the disaffected, but how many of the “disaffected” of the alt-right are without work, without opportunity for education?

The urban poor are truly disadvantaged, and the meager subsidies they have are cut as we continue to invest in the military industrial complex. A terror outlined by our last ideologically consistent Republican, and a man for whom I have profound affection and respect, President Eisenhower.

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Post photo by Jose Moreno on Unsplash.