Dr. Bob Wright | September 21, 2015

3 Ways to
Get Ahead at Work

Everyone wants to know how to get ahead at work. We all want to advance in our careers and be the best we can be.

First off, know that getting ahead isn’t limited to those in the “big boss” positions. You can (and should) lead wherever you are. How? Work hard, engage fully, be prepared, seek to make other people successful, and take on your company’s vision.

The 3 ways to get ahead at work:
  1. Be the Host: View every meeting and every office event as your office or your meeting. Welcome people and greet them. Ask how you can add to their comfort or success.
  2. Engage: In every project and at every meeting, agree with something. Congratulate others and be one of the first to speak up with ideas and input. Each engagement should be meaningful and deliberate.
  3. Make Your Boss Successful: One of the most critical things you can do is ensure you’re working towards your boss’ success. Loyalty breeds loyalty.

Does this sound too simple? It’s not. Time and time again, I see and hear from people who hold back in meetings or who walk into a room of coworkers and simply sit there silently. You know what? They get ignored and overlooked. You need to contribute and get your voice heard.

At the same time, don’t view success as a competition—it’s not about preventing others from getting ahead. Transformational leaders share their vision with their team and work together towards a shared plan of success. Surrounding yourself with a forward-thinking team focused on excellence will pay off for you in spades.

Similarly, you should be your boss’ best ally. Make yourself their right-hand woman or man and commit to it. Everyone can see right through any fake yes-man, but if you’re genuinely invested in the success of your boss and true to the vision of your company, your authenticity will show through.

If you act like a leader now, you don’t need to worry about getting ahead—the position will come to you naturally. It’s that simple: host, engage, make your boss successful. Act like a leader and you will become one.

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Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, leadership and sales executive, best-selling author and speaker. He is a co-founder of Wright and the Wright Graduate University.

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