Wisdom from Wendy Strgar

A number of years ago, Judith and I met a woman deeply dedicated to personal transformation through interpersonal interaction and intimacy.

Judith signed up for her newsletter and periodically has read passages to me. The following passage blew me away for its wisdom and depth. Her name is Wendy Strgar.

Wendy suggests that you pick one of the following and focus on it for the New Year. Each one of these leads to personal transformation and they are absolutely consistent with our research in Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living. There is really nothing more to say. Read, reflect, and do as Wendy says. Pick one. Share it with others and use it as a homing beacon in the coming year to bring you to your true self.

1. Befriend the present moment.

Make a commitment to embrace every moment as if you invited it.  Give up the labels of good and bad to describe the circumstances that present themselves in your life. Work to replace the storyline that dominates your mind with a growing awareness of what is.

2. Viscerally experience your emotional life.

Make a commitment to live more deeply in your body and allow the emotions that arise with your circumstances to be a fully felt moment. Meditation is as simple as listening to the wind or counting ten slow breaths. Truly, the body is the temple of your existence, so nourish this most amazing container of your life with love and healing food. Trust your rested self as a true north star.

3. Take your foot out of the door.

Have the courage to fully commit to your life as it is and stop waiting for the right things to happen. Love your life as it is right now. There isn’t any permission slip required to create what you want, but it starts with fully embracing the goodness and the mess of where you are. Practice turning your dreams into reality by making them into daily to-do lists. Writing down goals into a manageable size is key.

4. Risk greater levels of vulnerability.

Commit to getting comfortable with brief moments of groundlessness. Embrace the unknown or unfortunate events with the willingness and patience to not make the situation any worse.  Hold onto your own fear and insecurity and don’t feel compelled to fix it, blame it or escape from it, even if only for a few moments.  Revel in your growing spiritual maturity.

5. Lean towards curiosity and wonder every time your judgments harden your heart to someone or something you have committed to.

The quickest shortcut to gratitude is through remembering the very real possibility of loss and change, which is the fabric of our lives. Focusing on what you don’t know in any given moment is a way to soften our wounds so the light can heal them.  Practice using your listening skills as your number one communication device and you may be surprised by hearing what you were trying to say for so long.

You can check out Wendy at www.goodcleanlove.com.

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