Live Life on the Edge!

How do you live life on the edge? Is it jumping out of airplanes? Bunjee Jumping? Rock Climbing? A lot of people believe living outrageously means thrill-seeking, but risky activities are just random impulses. We look at it is as strategically doing things you’ve never done before and being the you that you’re afraid to be in every given moment so you can transform yourself. Yes, living on the edge means doing things that frighten and excite you. But in your everyday life.

We Are Designed to Transform

Childhood is formation. Adulthood is transformation. Childhood is when we develop beliefs about ourselves, the reality of what the world expects from us, and what we expect from the world. Adulthood is when we have the freedom to act in ways that challenge these beliefs, creating new neural pathways from our experiences. Is it scary? You bet it is! It requires living on your edge, facing your fears of letting go, and jumping into the unknown. But people dedicated to transformation don’t let their fears turn them away from a challenge. They recognize their fear and engage, always staying in touch with the yearnings underneath to guide them.

In our Year of Transformation program, our students take on the Assignment Way of Living, where they strategically live on the edge through intentionally carrying out assignments we give them in their daily lives. These assignments challenge their limiting beliefs and are designed for them to rematrix— consistently reroute the neural pathways they developed as a child so they achieve things they never thought they were capable of. They are consistently brought to the here and now, face to face with the things that scare them. But they live with more vitality. They experience more aliveness. They bring out the best in themselves and the best in the world around them. Period.

Be More Than Yourself

We all have a definition of who we are. But just as importantly, we have an idea of who we are not. What we look at as character traits are just habits. Some people believe they are not assertive. But they’re really just in the habit of being passive. Others believe they are not outgoing and spontaneous. But they are really just in the habit of being shy. Once we discover that our ways of being are just habits we have, we can choose to stretch ourselves and become who we think we are not, which results in being more than who we thought we were.

So, don’t be yourself! If you feel like you’re not a talkative person, strike up as many conversations as you can and babble away. If you believe you’re not well organized, create lists for yourself and get things done. Afraid of conflict? Start a fight with your spouse or friend (A productive one!). Go about your day in a way that challenges every idea of who you are not and you’ll be on your way to discovering your next most radiant self.

Do you want to learn how you’re designed to transform? Read  Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living and start use a few assignments to live more of yourself!