The Power of Liking and Agreeing

Have you ever noticed how much power there is in expressing what you like and agree with?

The Power of Liking
Your word has power because you are declaring a position and making a commitment. A “like”—something you like or are agreeable to—suggests that you have a desire, a passion. You feel attracted to or take pleasure in something or someone and your “like” impacts that thing or person.

For example, when you tell a coworker or friend that you like what they are doing, they are more likely to do it again. Your desire, expressed through your agreement, has encouraged them to continue their behavior or way of being. On many levels, our likes create momentum in the direction we desire.

True liking reflects our deepest yearning—what nourishes and fulfills us—our yearning to be seento be heardto be affirmed.

What do we really like?
We have to be careful about what we say we don’t like, because often those reflect activities or behaviors that are not familiar to us, that we really don’t have experience with, or that are unfamiliar or strange to us. To really know what we like, we need to experiment even more to see how things truly affect us, rather than deciding ahead of time. And, perhaps if we experimented, we might actually like it!

The Power of Agreeing
Our agreements also hold great power. When we agree, it suggests harmony of opinion, action, or character. We strengthen the position of or increase the value of whatever we agree with. A recent study by UK and Danish neuroscientists has shown that the brain’s pleasure centers light up when we are agreed with. We often influence an outcome simply by aligning to it.

Your agreement not only promotes a statement or concept but also reflects a position or a stand that you are taking. And agreements do not always need to be spoken. Our silent agreement can be just as powerful (sometimes more powerful) than our spoken words.


Your Weekly Assignment

Discover the power of liking and agreeing. Experiment and develop more clearly-defined preferences by agreeing in your business meetings and with your family. Let people know your likes and agreements. Show people what you like and what you agree with by using words like, “I like…” and “I agree with…”

Learn to express your preferences with employees, coworkers, family, and friends. Like and agree with things that are good for you, serve you, empower you, and fulfill you. You will be surprised at how you can reinforce movement, activities, people, and directions just by sharing what you like and agree with.

Wishing you a spectacular week,

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