Have You Lost Your Passion?
5 Ways To Reawaken Your Deepest Desires

Lost your zest for life? Having trouble staying focused on what’s in front of you? Spending too much time worrying about the past or the future?

If you have trouble focusing on what you need to do and have a hard time staying in the moment, don’t despair. You may just need an “urge booster”! Urges – believe it or not – are our friends. They tell us what is really going on inside us – our desires, our passions and our yearnings—and allow us to more fully experience every moment of our lives.

However, in reality, most people confuse real urges with “counterfeit” urges – those habits or behaviors we engage in for immediate gratification that don’t bring us any real satisfaction – such as stuffing our face with chocolate, over watching television or impulse shopping. What’s the difference? Real urges meet our deeper yearning and get you engaged in the moment. People who follow their urges are more satisfied and more productive. So be ready to recognize your counterfeit urges and embrace your real urges.

Here are 5 Ways you can embrace your urges and live more fully in the moment:

1. Ask yourself what you are feeling. Knowing your emotions will help you be more engaged.

2. What do you really want? Look underneath the urge to the deeper need that you could be meeting. In a deeper inquiry you may yearn for comfort, or to exist or to matter or to make a difference or to be loved.

3. Notice what beliefs are holding you back from expressing your urge. It could be that you think you’ll look stupid or silly and be embarrassed.

4. Take a risk and follow your urge. Risks are a necessary part of full engagement in your life, leading to more satisfaction and fulfillment.

5. Notice what really satisfies you. Start to notice the difference between the counterfeit urges that keep you stuck in your ruts and routines and those that really give you a sense of satisfaction.

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Dr. Judith Wright


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Have You Thought About Being Quiet? Shhhh….The Power of Silence

When you think of power, you probably think about an assertive boss or coworker, a speaker captivating a room, an inlaw who dominates a conversation, or someone driving a meeting.

It’s no surprise—that’s the aspect of power that dominates the media, our classroom case studies, and our psyche.

But have you thought about passive power-—attractive vs. projecting, feminine vs. masculine? One type of passive power that’s often overlooked and underrated is the power of silence.

Not only does your positive, silent presence make a huge difference in how others feel with you and how they respond, but research shows that it also impacts the quality of information you receive from others. When your silence conveys a positive attitude—through smiling, nodding, open body position—people use more interpretive abstract language, go deeper into the conversation, and they share their opinions more openly. If your silent presence is frowning and more closed, speakers tend to be more careful and analytic and only share concrete, descriptive facts.

Like all kinds of power, there are times to use silence and times not to use it. All uses of silence are powerful. But all uses of silence are not necessarily responsible. Does the silence create a sense of security, comfort, affirmation, or lead to a greater sense of self; or is it intimidating, punishing, threatening, or withholding?

Growing up, there were probably many things that you were encouraged to withhold and not express. Sometimes the “silent treatment” was used to let you know that someone was hurt and angry with you or that what you did was not acceptable. That’s not a responsible use of the power, because it doesn’t include the expression of the person’s feelings and judgments to you directly.

Many of us weren’t trained to be a powerful, positive presence with our silence for a productive outcome. Think of people you know that have a powerful silence about them, a power that you sense when they simply walk into a room. What are they like? How do they look? How do they carry themselves and walk through the room? What do you notice about them? There is a presence of silence that is powerful, grabs attention, and causes you to assume certain things about that person or situation. Their very presence and their silent demeanor demands respect and affirmation.

Your Weekly Assignment

This week, try intentionally and purposefully using the power of silence in your business meetings and at home. Experiment with the positive power of your very presence. Your silence can be profoundly powerful. Try engaging fully—being present, awake and alive, in the here and now as you interact with others.

The look on your face, your gestures, carriage, and walk; your “aura”; your way of being; the space you create within and around you; your silent affirmation and assent; your sense of compassion, understanding, acceptance; and your internal intent are all aspects of your power.

Practice being aware, present, “being there.” Turn on the light of your being and turn it off as an experiment. You might be surprised to discover how powerful you really are!

Wishing you a spectacular week,

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Being Single and Loving Life

Singlehood is a time to rebel. It’s a time to test limits. It’s a time to say, “You know, I don’t agree.” And we usually end up close to where we started. But in the meantime, we’ve made it ours, and it’s no longer somebody else’s.

Part of singlehood is obvious: it’s to become independent. It’s not about going home and having your mom do your laundry. It’s about going out and knowing you can stand on your own two feet and have a great life. That’s obvious. Everybody understands that. But not everybody understands that it’s about understanding yourself and understanding the opposite sex. That it’s about developing your social and emotional intelligence, your capacity to understand others and to take care of yourself as well.

I dated some of the most amazing women. I had five women I dated that could have been world class wives and I got the best of the best. But you know, you gotta be able to walk away and lose some to know what you lost. And if you don’t know what you lost, and intelligently look at it, you won’t know how to appreciate what you’re looking at next time.

I think that when I got married, I had a better understanding of the opposite sex than any guy I knew, which, by the way, was precious little when you get married. It was back to zero.

People understand it’s about getting a job but they don’t understand that a career is about learning and growing and really following your destiny into your fullest potential in life.

Freedom is being able to tell people what you think and knowing what you think and that’s why I think this whole series is important. So many people are confused as shit and they don’t know this is the time to be confused and it’s the time to experiment and it concerns me. I mean, everybody is trying to get the right damn job and they don’t understand it’s about living a full great life. And it’s not about what the job is, it’s about who you are. And that’s a problem.

And singlehood is the last time we have to learn and grow without the serious consequences of losing our house and our family and everything else. So, we have freedom that doesn’t get used. That’s what I want people to understand. This is the time to experiment. This is the time to make outrageous mistakes, this is the time to learn how to be your most assertive self and learn what’s too much assertion and learn what’s not enough.

If I don’t do too much, I don’t know where the boundaries and limitations are. I don’t know what my taste for risk is. And too many singles nowadays are too worried about their 401Ks and getting set up the prison that’s going to be the concrete of their lives rather than learning to live freely a life of flying high and looking wide and having the most fantastic singlehood possible. So come on, let’s play and fly.

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