Zig Ziglar – The King of Sales – Passes Away

The reigning king of sales support and inspiration for generations has passed away today. Zig Ziglar was the “can-do” coach to millions via audiotape, CD, Video, and live presentations. Author of many books from See You at the Top in 1975  to 2012’s Born to Win, Ziglar was a Nightingale Conant cornerstone who motivated many a sales pro in their car on the way to sales success.

Ziglar was a fast-rising star in the Positive Mental Attitude movement founded by Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and W. Clement Stone. This group was openly preaching human potential—a possibility that required no Secret. They birthed a movement that has since been proven by current neuroscience and our research presented in Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living.

No mumbo jumbo purveyor, Ziglar’s practical approach to human possibility led to positive visions that have guided so many to fulfill their career potential. Let’s celebrate his life by stretching our vision of human potential to all areas of life—especially coupling and parenting. May his life and work be an inspirational rung on the ladder to human potential for which we all yearn.


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