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By developing your own social and emotional intelligence, you will be able to achieve satisfaction in your life, to increase productivity, and to give back to others.

Our mission is to support others to unleash their potential by engaging in their own transformation and leadership. We provide our audience with cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and social and emotional learning, and share tools to help energize our audience members independently develop their own sense of personal power and increase their productivity and fulfillment in their lives.

Wright Foundation speakers share their invaluable wealth of knowledge in topics ranging from Social and Emotional Intelligence, Social and Emotional Learning and Development, and Leadership Development to Women’s Leadership, Relationships, Team Empowerment, and Personality Profiles.

Over the last 30 years, our speakers have been featured on Good Morning America, the Today show, Oprah, ABC’s 20/20, CBS, FOX TV and at companies and conferences nationwide to share their expertise in relationships, emotional intelligence, human development, and social psychology.


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Dr. Bob Wright


Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized author, speaker, educator and visionary known for his witticisms. He co-founded Wright to teach people to develop their vision, fulfill their dreams and start giving back to the world.

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Dr. Judith Wright


Dr. Judith Wright is hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, exemplary lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. She is often called one of America’s Ultimate Experts.

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Dr. Gordon Medlock


Dr. Gordon Medlock is a Senior Coach at Wright. He specializes in helping individuals clarify their unique talents and to discover career and life opportunities where they can create value and experience deeper levels of personal fulfillment.

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Dr. Mike Zwell


Mike is a Professor, Co-Founder and Chancellor of the Wright Graduate University. He leads and manages Wright’s advanced personal growth groups and oversees the coaching staff. Mike also serves as managing director of Wright’s consulting arm.

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Gertrude Lyons

Senior Coach, Director of Family Program

A senior coach at Wright, Gertrude focuses her extensive training on empowering families. She's spent the last 13 years encouraging individuals, couples, parents & families to bring out their best & become high performers in everything they do.

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Beryl Stromsata


Beryl is a Senior Coach at Wright. She serves as a group facilitator on many of Wright’s weekend trainings and coaches individual clients and students in both our introductory and advanced personal growth groups.

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Barbara Burgess


Being the Chief Vision Realization Officer, Barbara is responsible for designing & leading the strategic vision for Wright. Barbara is a corporate consultant, coach, & trainer in the areas of transformational leadership, marketing, & employee empowerment.

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Kate Holmquest


As campus director, Kate is responsible for making sure WGU runs smoothly, from students’ experience in their courses, to accessibility of the library, to making sure WGU meets all the expectations of regulators, from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C.

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Jillian Eichel


Jillian is the Program Director, Director of Coaching & a Senior Coach at Wright. She trains Wright’s coaches & program leaders, leads several weekend trainings & oversees student services. She is responsible for developing the current Coaching curriculum.

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